Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wharrram Tiki 8m #4 Close to Launch

This boat has been back on the front burner for the last several weeks. We have moved forward a lot. The cockpit is almost finished. We have mounted all of the hardware and the engine and then we have potted for the fasteners. This prevents water from entering the laminate and prevents the bolts from crushing the core. This photo shows the cockpit before all of the hardware was installed.

The owner has decided to install a couple of Lewmar hatches at the forward end of the bunks. This will certainly improve ventilation. We added a frame of Coosa board to account for the deck crown.

       Here the hatch is installed. The Lewmar hatch is at the forward end of the main cabin and the glass hatch is in the forward lazzerette.

      Below we have added spacer blocks for the chainplates. These are of Coosa board as well. They will get blue paint before the chainplates are bolted on.

This photo shows the backing plate on the inside for the chain plates.

In the photo above you can see that the trim piece covering the hull to deck joint is installed. Below the blocks that the trim piece is attached to are visible. This trim is removable so that access to the rubrail bolts is easy.

Here the chainplates are installed.

The mast is mostly rigged and is being stepped to verify the chainplate location and shroud length.

Looking very boat like.

We have rigged this boat with synthetic rigging from Colligo Marine. I really like this system a lot and John Franta with Colligo is a very helpful fellow.

The plan is to finish this boat off this week and deliver her to Nassau next week.