Monday, August 15, 2011

Really, Really, Almost Done

We loaded the Tiki 8m onto the trailer tonight. We have really been over the boat and everything is now rigged and operationaly checked. We built some carbon fiber tillers around some pvc pipe.

We also worked on a new rudder shape for this boat.

Here  the rudders are rigged and pulled up. We used Dynex Dux for the rudder lashings.
This boat has a Humming bird sonar that scans to the side and is nomally transom hung. It now has a purchase rigged to hold it down or up.

We have installed a 50 watt solar panel on each house top.

Below is the nav station
The lids over the engine and fuel tank have sticks fitted to support the lids in an open position.

This photo shows the wiring tubes and the bundle of wiring that goes to the cockpit and the other hull.
On the trailer, ready to load the rest of the parts and head off for assembly and launch.