Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catamaran Hulls, Hatches and Decks

Today we gelcoated the hull halves and applied a layer of mat  and a layer of biaxial fabric.We use a vinylester rein for the outer skins as it provides better protection from osmosis.
We also did the same process with some of the hatches, knees and fwd compartment floor We also put in the foam core  and the inner biaxial skin on these parts.
Here are two of the hatches  one of the fwd compartment floors as well as two of the mast beam reinforcement knees  with the lamination complete and popped from the molds.
We have started the other two hatches and the other two knees and are fairing the inside of the companionway hatches.
We have brought the deck molds into the shop and are cleaning and waxing them prior to beginning the lamination.
Moving right along.

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