Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On to the Second Hull

Monday morning we pulled the first hull out of the mold and started to build the second hull.
 Here is a close look at the vacuum bag pulling down the foam to a hull part.At the lower left of the photo is the "frog" where the hose from the  vacuum pump connects to the bag. You can see the putty oozing through the bleeder holes and the bag sucking down tight.

 Here is the  gauge on the vacuum pump, which shows we are doing very well.

After we skin the part with mat we go over the part very carefully and look for any small air pockets between the gelcoat and the mat. When we find one we sand it off and apply a little more resin or gelcoat. You can see some of these areas here.
 The next step is to fit and laminate on a layer of 108 biaxial fabric to the deck part. This is harder to laminate on and is done in smaller pieces to ensure good bonding.First we apply fabric around the hatch coamings.You can see these in the photo above. These places are more difficult to get the fabric to lay down smoothly. Then we do the bigger, flatter pieces as shown below.
.After the outer layer of fabric is laminated on we then start applying the foam. We fill the coamings with foam and also build up the areas under where the beam blocks will go to provide for a smooth surface to apply the foam coring to.Below is one of the hatches and the beam block filling..
Below we have filled in the companionway coaming.
 Here we have glued in some foam in the area of the fwd beam blocks. These will get sanded fair like the area two photos back. Cheers

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