Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Hulls Today

This week we finished the second hull.
the decks are actually more work than the hulls. Lots more pieces and corners.
 Here we have glued in some foam and some fairing putty between the beam block area.This makes for a cleaner surface when we glue down the core foam below.
Below we have sanded the core foam and filleted the corners at the flange.
Next we fit the foam into the sides and top of the main cabin .

 Here the foam pieces are cut and we are ready  to glue the foam into place.
 Below the foam has been glued in. Next we will fill and fair the foam. prior to glassing the interior.

 Here we are laminating on the inner skin.
Here we have completed the inner skin and have started to fair tie inside of the deck mold. The ends are storage compartments and get only minor fairing . The center section is the cabin area and is faired off nicely .

Next week we will finish the fairing on these decks and coat them with white gelcoat.

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